Sunday, September 2, 2012

Broccoli and Cheese Soup

Soup is as much a part of Fall as the leaves changing colors. There's just something about a warm bowl of soup that makes us feel cozy. Last Christmas we purchased the Food Saver 3880 Vacuum Sealer for our family so that we could start making large batches of soups and sauces and freezing them for easy meals. I made a few different recipes last year and divided them into smaller portions, vacuum sealed them, and stacked them flat in the freezer. I was so pleased with how they thawed and reheated that I decided to increase my efforts to increase my freezer stockpile. My first recipe of the season is this very simple broccoli and cheese soup. This was one of the recipes that I made last year and I can say that it is very fast and freezes and reheats without losing its flavor or texture.  

This recipe comes from Sugar Crafter and can be found here. I didn't make the bread bowl but it does look delicious and I may someday! The only change that I made was to steam the carrots and broccoli for a few minutes before putting them in the soup.

We'll have a bowl for lunch and the rest will be divided into 2-3 serving portions, vacuum sealed, and frozen. When we're ready to eat the frozen soup I'll let it partially thaw and put it in a sauce pan to reheat. It really is a simple and convenient meal without all the junk that is usually in convenience foods.  Do you have a favorite soup that freezes well?  Contact me and you may be featured on Team Ibrahim!

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