Thursday, June 28, 2012

Learning to Blog, One Pin at at Time

Face it, people--I'm new to this.  A week ago I had an abandoned blog with a whopping 3 posts.  I'm building this site from the ground up and learning as I go.  I'm positive there are things that I'm doing that would drive a seasoned blogger nuts (thank goodness they probably aren't reading this...yet.)  The whole purpose of The Pinterest Project is to learn new things.  Today I wanted to find a pin that would teach me something new in regards to my blog.  I decided to add social media 'follow us' buttons.  Seems easy, right?  Actually, it was--thanks to the detailed instructions!  Isn't Pinterest great?!

I found this simple tutorial from Her New Leaf and some free buttons from Noisette Academy and away I went!  

After following the instructions from Her New Leaf I opened a Photobucket account.  Photobucket is a free image hosting service.  Basically, you can upload images and they store them for you to access via html or img code, links, or email.  I'm sure there are a million other things that you can do on this site but since I've only starting using it today I can't speak of its other features...yet.  

I uploaded my images (see above, I picked Honey Suckle) to Photobucket.  I then copied and customized the html code with my Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest information and placed the code in a 'html gadget' in Blogger.  For more detailed instructions check out Her New Leaf.   

Easy-peasy and the whole thing took about 30 minutes!  

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