Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pinning with Purpose

If you're just joining us, er--me, I'm about to start The Pinterest Project.  I have committed to completing one project from Pinterest every day until I decide to stop.  The project may be a recipe, DIY project, craft, or cleaning or organizational tip. The only rule is that I complete the project and blog about it.  I hope to learn new things and in the process of posting my results I hope my writing/blogging ability improves.

Today's project is a simple one but one that needs to be done (I'm sure we'll have lots of these).  The pin 'How to Clean Your Dyson' was originally posted by Ask Anna and you can click on the link to view her post as well as detailed instructions and photos.  

In fear of sounding all uppity I won't go on and on about how superior the Dyson is to oh, say, every other vacuum on the market.  I love my Dyson.  In fact, if it wasn't illegal in 46 states I would indeed marry it.  So, with my love affair now made public I have decided it's time I start taking better care of it.  Her?  Him?  We'll say him.  Who doesn't love a guy that picks stuff up?  I've had him for a little over 5 years and I'm ashamed to say he's never had a proper bath.  So today's Pinterest Project is for you Mr. Dyson, I hope you enjoy it.

After printing the instructions and gathering the supplies I realized that I had a different Dyson model than Anna and went back to the computer for my model specific instructions.  If you find yourself in the same situation just Google 'How to Clean Dyson (and then enter your model #).'

Dyson Before and After

I think he cleans up well.  No more dust, gunk, or fur.  And once the filter is dry, I'll put it back in and give the guy a whirl! The entire project took about 20 minutes and I think he looks at least 5 years younger.  

Seriously, people Dyson just 'gets it'.  In order to keep him 'working properly' his filter needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.  The company has created an easy email reminder so that you'll never neglect him again!  Click here to schedule your reminders!


  1. Walter gives our Dyson the "once over" every couple of weeks. He is constantling singing the praise of the engineers that designed this beast. It's the simplest thing in the world to clean. He loves how easy the roller comes off to remove the unwanted hair and string that get wrapped up. If you clean you Dyson every couple of weeks then every time you pull the beast from the "Dyson garage" (closet) it will feel like you are grabbing a brand new vac!!!

    1. Wow, your Dyson is a lucky vac! They are definitely worth the investment! Thank you for the comment!

  2. Hilarious! I'm glad you love your Dyson and I'm glad he's all cleaned up for you now. :)



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