Saturday, June 30, 2012

Star Spangled Cuteness!

I have to say, out of all my projects so far, I think this one is my favorite.  Okay, so maybe a tie with the  ice cream.  Today's Pinterest Project was inspired by the tank below.  Unfortunately, the pin that I found links to the picture and not a blog so I'm not sure who to credit with the idea.  There are several variations and you can find them by searching in Pinterest for "4th of July shirt".

I had to make a quick trip to Hobby Lobby to snag a few of the supplies that I didn't already have on hand.  I grabbed some jumbo red ric rac, red thread, a blue star button, and some blue ribbon with white polka dots.  I already had a new white t-shirt so I was ready to go!

TIP:  Saturday evenings are actually the best night to shop at the Hob Lob.  Since they are closed on Sundays they start changing the prices for the next weeks sale items on Saturday.  So, not only do you get the sale prices for the current week but also for the next week!  

To get started, I laid the ric rac in position and secured each row with a small piece of scotch tape.  I made the top two rows a bit shorter on the left hand corner as to replicate where the blue square and white stars on the flag are (or in this case the bow).  Once I had them all cut and positioned I pinned them and removed the tape.  You might not need the tape but I found it was easier to reposition and helped me avoid unnecessary pin holes.  Once all the ric rac was positioned and pinned I started sewing and attached with a basic stitch using red thread.

I made the bow by simply making loops and was careful to start with a tail and end with a tail.  Once I had the bow the way that I wanted it I stitched the middle to secure it and then added the star button.  Then I just sewed the bow to the t-shirt.  You might consider making the bow removable for laundering but I wasn't sure how to do that and so I decided I would just hand wash.

And here it is!

I apologize for not having step by step pictures.  I started pretty late and was worried I wouldn't finish and have time to post!  This is a pretty simple project and I was able to figure it out with just the finished product and I'm confident you will too!

I'm the worlds slowest when it comes to sewing so this took me a couple of hours (with a couple interruptions).  If you have more experience it could easily be a 30 minute project.  I can't wait for Elia to wear this to my sister's party on the 4th!  

UPDATE:  Elia modeling her Pinterest inspired 4th of July t-shirt!  


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