Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' Rosettes!

Today's Pinterest Project was inspired by The Idea Room.  I chose it because I liked the way it looked and thought it would make inexpensive decorations for our daughters upcoming Olivia themed 1st birthday party.  It was very easy to make and budget friendly!

I already had a styrofoam ball and glue for my glue gun.  All that I had to purchase was the crepe paper which was $1.99 at Target.  Hobby Lobby did have bigger rolls for only 99 cents but they didn't have red.

The only change I made was that I didn't fold the crepe paper like The Idea Room suggested.  It went pretty fast, once I got the hang of rolling the rosettes.  I also found out that I suffered fewer glue gun burns when I put the glue directly on the ball rather than the rosette.  I'm not quite sure how I am going to use it yet.  I'm either going to attach some ribbon and hang it, or use the black stand shown in the picture.

The black stand is another project that I did years ago.  The top is a cheese board and the bottom was an ugly green candle holder.  Both items were purchased during Garnett City Wide Garage Sales--so my apologies if the 'ugly green candle holder' belonged to you.  I painted both pieces black and used Gorilla Glue to attach them.  I hot glued the ends of some red polka dot ribbon around the base (shown above) so that I could remove it after the party.

To wrap it up, this was a fun project that only cost me $1.99 (and I still have materials left!) and I'm pretty sure I'll use it at Elia's birthday party.  I worked on it throughout the day but I would think its could be done in a couple of hours (while watching TV)--it's a perfect 'multi-tasking' project!

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