Monday, July 30, 2012

Crafty Card Organization

Today's project was both crafty and organizes--WAHOO! I love it when that happens!

I've never known what to do with greeting cards that we receive. I want to keep them, but I'm trying my hardest to manage clutter and didn't have a good solution. I usually just keep them in a box but it wasn't the prettiest thing and to be honest they were just a cluttered mess inside a box.  

I found this project from Kayla Danelle and it looked simple and solved my problem. I decided to start with all the cards that our daughter has received (she's only a year old so it sounded manageable!). Like I always do, I first searched my craft stash and then made my list for Hobby Lobby (man, I should be getting paid for these daily endorsements but, alas, I'm just doing it because I heart the Hob Lob).

I had some scrapbooking embellishments so all I needed was the heavy duty cardboard for the front and back cover, the chipboard letters, acid-free glue, and the rings.  

Simple stuff. I used my utility knife to cut two pieces of the cardboard (think super thick poster board) a bit bigger than an average card. I then used a hole punch to punch holes in both the front and back cover and embellished the front. That's it! I bought the biggest rings that they had but I know you can get much bigger ones. I'll probably have to switch to a bigger size in the future but this should work for now. After the "book" is done just hole punch the cards and slip them between the covers on the rings. Now they're all organized and easy to find and look through when I'm feeling sentimental. I think I'll do our wedding cards next--it's about time I get them out of that ugly box!

Do you keep your cards? How do you organize them?  


  1. I have been wanting to do this since I first saw it on Pinterest. You have motivated me to give it a try. I hope mine comes out this cute! Thanks, Haley!

    1. Yay, Sarah! I'm sure it will turn out great! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment!

  2. That is so funny, I posted about this exact same project earlier this month! Great minds, right :)

    Yours came out so cute! She's going to love being able to look through all her cards one day...

    1. OMG, Kelly! I am so glad that you shared your link. It's crazy that we both even mentioned how excited we were to be crafty WHILE organizing! Seriously, girl...we may have been separated at birth. Your story of your Grandfather was so sweet. I lost my Grandfather 5 months after my first (and only) child was born. I'm so happy that he was able to see her but wish that he (and my other family members that have passed) would have been able to see her grow up.

      I love the way that your book turned out too! I love that you added the cute ribbon! Have a great day!


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