Monday, July 2, 2012

Eliminating Clutter One Day at a Time

Today's Pinterest Project is AMAZING!  I've always been a list maker, a 'one chunk at a time' kinda-gal.  To me, there is little more satisfying that knowing what needs to be done, doing it, and then  crossing it off my list with one gratifying sweep of my pen.  It helps make huge projects doable, and who doesn't love that?  

My Simpler Life, has taken the time to break down removing clutter from your home in to quick and easy tasks that you do every day.  AND, she put it in calendar form!  This is totally something I would do, but now I don't have to!  Thank you, My Simpler Life!

If you visit My Simpler Life, you'll be able to download (FREE) monthly calendars or you can download the entire year.  My plan is to start today, July 2nd, and work forward.  If I get to a day that doesn't apply to my home I'll work backwards by completing a task that was before July 2nd.

I love the idea of managing clutter this way.  I hope you find this link helpful and post a comment and let me know if you plan on eliminating clutter one day at a time! 


  1. This summer we have been in 'declutter' mode, and it's been slow but steady. Pinterest has a host of great ideas. Walter has started with the garage and we are moving on from there.


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