Saturday, July 21, 2012

Putting together her nursery was a real HOOT!

Today has been a busy but fun day and this mamma is spent!  I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to post about Elia's nursery (why not, it's been done for a year!).  Her nursery, like most everything we do, was done mostly DIY and on a pretty tight budget.  Our big splurges were the crib and the changing table.  We chose the changing table because it could easily be used as a dresser for many years to come.

We purchased the wall decals from a shop on Etsy.  They had fantastic customer service and helped me with my multiple questions and emails.  You can check out their shop by clicking here.  The decal was easy to apply but it did take awhile as each leaf is a separate decal and the owl is a layered effect.  Ignore the fact that I did go into labor the evening we finished it!  Nothing like waiting until the last minute!

The sheets, changing pad cover, and valance were all purchased from Amazon.  The valance wasn't part of the same set but I thought the colors were a close enough match.

The leather rocker/recliner was a steal of a deal at Nebraska Furniture Mart.  Amazingly, this ended up being cheaper than the standard nursery gliders and, in my opinion, it's much more comfortable.  At some point this will probably be moved to another room.  

The mirror over the changing table was on sale at Home Goods for about $20.  It was originally silver and I did a couple quick coats of white gloss spray paint to match the rest of the furniture.  Don't be afraid to alter sale items to make them exactly what you want!  Similar mirrors in white (for some unknown reason) were closer to $100.  I just couldn't imagine spending that when I could replicate it with one can of spray paint.  Elia loves looking at herself in the mirror after a diaper change!  

I love the little birdies that watch over her as she sleeps.  We've named them Howard, Bob, and Amos--and those who know us will know why.

I'm in LOVE with her gallery wall.  The hubs made the ledges and I sanded and painted them.  They are a perfect solution for a small room and a way to get the books up off of the floor.  At this point she can only reach the bottom shelf so it has her board books and her nicer books are higher up.

I still have one whole wall that is bare and I hope to fill it with some upcoming Pinterest projects.

Do (or did) your kids rooms have a 'theme'?  Do you have any DIY projects that you're proud of in the room?  I'd love for you to leave a comment about your nursery/kid rooms!


  1. I need to see her in her owl room wearing her owl dress!

  2. What a sweet nursery. I'm in love with her gallery wall too!

  3. Hi I think so that's really nice I love that.


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